2nd Semester NURSING!!

I'm officially done with my 2nd semester!!!

I will definitely be posting more over the holidays! :)

You have to check out this little girl dance to "Single Ladies"

It looks very similar to my nursing school victory dance!!




Nursing school is keeping me super busy. Who would have thought? (Me)
I had a great beginning to the clinical world, and I've been exposed to a variety of patients, procedures, and personalities within the hospital.

I'm not allowed to go too much into detail due to HIPPA, but I have several great memories of my first few weeks, including my first patient who has been through it all. (Think cancer, clogged arteries resulting in cardiac bypass surgery, hip fx, etc. etc.) She was indeed the most patient and sweet person I've met thus far, considering her ailments. I've also taken care of a person of Jewish faith who was captured in the German concentration camps, and escaped in the night. That patient was also very sweet, but also in intense pain from several snowballing incidents resulting in his desire to be "with the angels".

Usually I am a very emotional person but for some reason when the patients were at their weakest, I stood strong next to them and reassured them that I would take the best care of them that I could and encouraged them to be strong.

I heart my clinical buddies! They are the best!!

Last night we had a few people over to watch college FB. Jared's team doesn't have a game until Tuesday, so he was able to invite some of his buddies, and I had a couple friends over too! It was such a good time- I made a note to do that WAY more often!!

We watched the loves of my life- (LSU TIGERS) win again!!!!!!!! Still undefeated, and moved up to #2 in the country.

Back to studying!!


Garmin, I love you.

As many of you know, and some of you do not, I am the Anti-Magellan.

I repeat, I am the Anti-Magellan.

Every time my body sits down at the wheel, I know that there is a very high chance that my destination will not be reached on the first, second and sometimes third try.

I have tried to research (and create) theories why or how someone can be so braindead when it comes to a sense of direction. I really have nothing.

Personally, I like to think that I was soooo blessed in the nerdiness regions (Anatomy/Physiology/Medicine/Microbiology) that God chose to spare me on directional intellect.

Why do I share this information with you, you ask?

Because you will understand the importance and internal party I am having over this most thoughtful and lovely gift from my boyfriend.

"Congrats on Nursing School", he says- as he hands me my very own PINK Garmin. (PINK!)

[Disclosure: This is a blackberry phone cam. Don't hate.]

I named her Tiger.

I have a wonderful feeling that Tiger will lead me to places (the first time) that I've never dreamed of going by myself.

I also have a feeling that throwing away the garbage bag full of mapquests (in alphabetical order) to the top places that I go will be like lifting the weight of the world off of my shoulders.

Ahhhhhhhh I love my Boyfriend.


Warning: Have Tissue Readily Available...

I heart Carrie.

This is her newest single Just A Dream.
The video has just been released, so I thought I'd share.
[Be ready for a heartbreak.]


I DID IT!!!!

I never gave up after a few years of hard work- and..............

I DID IT!!!!

I AM BEYOND PUMPED- I can't WAIT to get my lab coat and scrubs.....
TODAY IS A GREAT DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

More later... time to CELEBRATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Today I got to sleep in a little, and it was nothing short of amazing.

I have 2 peps in my step. One from the coffee, and one from REM sleepage.

I am ordering this book today.

I have been obsessed w/ Hungry Girl for quite some time. Some would say we are food twins. Seriously. She has multiple uses for my ultimate favorite cereal, Fiber One (F1), loves Fuji Apples, Boca Burgers, and spray on salad dressings, and comes up with healthy alternatives for everything. Now if only I would have thought of the website.

Also, I must include another great quote from Ralph. He can do no wrong, that man.

"Every day offers you plenty of reasons to make excuses. But excuses bring you nothing of real value.

Sure, a plausible excuse may enable you to save face, to appear more diligent and disciplined than you know you are. But do you merely want to appear successful, or would you prefer to actually be successful?

Excuses hold you back because they enable you to avoid responsibility and the achievement it brings.
You deserve more than just a life filled with useless excuses.

Instead of making excuses, choose to make some honest, authentic progress. Even a tiny effort is infinitely more productive than a big, impressive excuse.

Don't settle for a growing list of reasons for failure. You can just as easily give yourself real, compelling reasons to succeed.

Free yourself from the shackles of useless excuses. And see this day as the grand opportunity that it is."


Dearest Coffee

I love you.
I love your aroma, I love the cute mugs that you go into, I love the pep you put in my step, and I love the atmosphere that you provide in many of the locations that sell you..

That is all.



WOW... just WOW.

If you know me you know that I'm a HUGE (and by huge I mean I couldn't think of a bigger word at the moment) LSU fan. Football is one of my loves, and so is LSU baseball.

We just WON a super-regional game coming back all the way from 7-2 to win 9-7.

We are just rediculously good at sports!!!

Tomorrow night is the tie-breaker to see who goes on to the championships in Omaha.

These are the times that I REALLY, REALLY miss being home.

The only bummer is that I got goosebumps 4 times and I JUST shaved. (But it was SO worth it!!!)

GEAUX TIGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!