Garmin, I love you.

As many of you know, and some of you do not, I am the Anti-Magellan.

I repeat, I am the Anti-Magellan.

Every time my body sits down at the wheel, I know that there is a very high chance that my destination will not be reached on the first, second and sometimes third try.

I have tried to research (and create) theories why or how someone can be so braindead when it comes to a sense of direction. I really have nothing.

Personally, I like to think that I was soooo blessed in the nerdiness regions (Anatomy/Physiology/Medicine/Microbiology) that God chose to spare me on directional intellect.

Why do I share this information with you, you ask?

Because you will understand the importance and internal party I am having over this most thoughtful and lovely gift from my boyfriend.

"Congrats on Nursing School", he says- as he hands me my very own PINK Garmin. (PINK!)

[Disclosure: This is a blackberry phone cam. Don't hate.]

I named her Tiger.

I have a wonderful feeling that Tiger will lead me to places (the first time) that I've never dreamed of going by myself.

I also have a feeling that throwing away the garbage bag full of mapquests (in alphabetical order) to the top places that I go will be like lifting the weight of the world off of my shoulders.

Ahhhhhhhh I love my Boyfriend.

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