Lets pretend...

So lets just say I had money to spend. Let's also say it got cold in South Florida. (Just play along) What would I buy to wear in the winter, you ask?

Here's what I'm loving:

This adorable military inspired sweater via

This outfit in it's entirety via

This cute little embellished number via

How hot are these BCBG patent pumps? via

LOVE this dress!! via

I really need to stop this virtual window shopping. It's a tad depressing.

Time for bed, early clinicals tomorrow!

PS- Do you see a color trend?? I am forever buying Black/White/Red.


Library Now, Wedding Later

The librarians do not just know my face. They also know my name, my career choice, my favorite private study room, and that each semester I have one book that puts more pressure on my lower vertebrae than if I were to carry a small elephant on my back.

I am only halfway through my 3rd semester of Nursing and already thisclose to being burnt out. (Current level: Crispy.) I love PEDS, and I could NOT ask for a better instructor, but I am discovering that I need a little more adrenaline in my workday to be satisfied. Having only 2 patients at a time sure makes that 12 hour shift pass ever so slowly. Can OB start, now? Tick tock.

Speaking of time, only 8 short, tiny, little baby months until I finally get to move into my new home in Oxford! (Who's counting and remembering, though?)
How great will THAT be to have all of my things in one place, including my fiance? I get so giddy just thinking about the move.
Cute town, nice people, a full-time job (read: full time income!)

After moving, I will be 6 months from marriage.
I've already booked the ceremony & reception, and I've even chosen my bridesmaids!

But I'm having trouble deciding on bridesmaids dresses. I want short black, classy dresses. My girls also like the idea of shorter dresses (as opposed to long/full length), so they can all get hot shoes to show off.
Here's the problem: The wedding is in January. Is that inappropriate? Before you answer, I must tell you that will be inside the cathedral or the plantation the entire time. Also, Louisiana is not the coldest climate in America, but it can sometimes be bone-chilling. I need some other opinions.

Have any of you had short dresses for your wedding during the winter or know someone who has??


Snoop Vloggy VLOG

Behold! The Amy and Chelsea Belle show has arrived.

Please note Samuel's state of unconsciousness throughout the video.

Have a beautiful night! :)

And I ran....

I have one of the longest engagements ever in the history of America, but the date is now approaching a little over a year where I will tie the knot.


Snoop Vloggy Vlog

I have been wanting to do a VLOG for a long time now. You have been waiting patiently, wondering when I will bless my blog with a vlog. Well, the wait is over, ya'll! Here's a short little clip saying hello! More to come, I promise!