Bridal Make-Up

I know many girls who have had amazing make-up at their weddings. I am talking the kind of make-up that 8 hours after application, their faces look flawless.
Recently, I've been gathering make-up looks for my wedding day.

Since it is one of the most photographed days of a woman's life, Many think it would be appropriate to hire a professional to make them look glam.
I am hiring the same professional that my big sis in Phi Mu had. Her look was truly red-carpet worthy.

If you don't have the extra money to spend on a make-up artist, or just want to try your hand at creating an amazing evening look, search no more.

Kandee Johnson, a fabulous makeup artist, gives you a step-by-step on how to apply your makeup for your wedding night without the use of airbrushes. Also in this video you will find tricks to contouring and shading your face. She even had some tricks up her sleeve for a nice smoky eye. Hello, who doesn't love a smoky eye?

Even if you're not getting married soon or are already married this video is worth the watch.
After all, who knows when the next glamorous night on the town will be?


Will the real bridesmaid dress please stand up?

"The dress looks so much cuter in person" I would say to my bridesmaids. "It has a bigger bow than the picture shows, and you actually tie it on your shoulder! See how it can be tied in a bow?" Little did I know, I was showing my bridesmaids the wrong dress.
Most of my bridesmaids called in their measurements to save a trip to New Orleans, so no one knew any different.
Here's how it went down.
The other day my future sister-in-law called to mention that she thought the sales associate was confused about my bridesmaid dress style number. "I told them AV 9947 and they got so confused!" she told me. So while I was running errands today, I decided to call the bridal shop to get some clarification.
I had the style number memorized, so I spewed it off to the owner who just so happened to pick up the phone.
"We don't carry that line here", the store owner said.
"?!?!?" I thought.
I saw the dress in person and it looked like the pictures I'd been sending everyone. Clearly, I was confused. He then told me the style number he had and I looked it up.
Whoa. I was wrong about the style number the whole time! Though they have similarities, they were TWO different dresses. There was a reason I kept thinking it looked so much cuter in person. It wasn't even the same dress!

A couple girls wanted to buy the gown from a different retailer. I was fine with that as long as the dress came in on time and it was the same dress. I am SO glad no one ended up doing that.

Ooops. Bridal fail!!

** The dress pictured in this post is the CORRECT dress. Whew!



I really have no excuse. I am pretty disciplined in every area of my life except blogging. I always say I'm going to do it and keep it updated, but that rarely happens. Maybe having more free time will allow me to blog more. For now, I will call it a "Blogger-nation". It's a hybrid mix of blogging and hibernation. For those of you who know me, you know I am pretty excited about my upcoming wedding. I love planning all of the little details.
I wanted to share with you some of those details I have chosen.


I love flowers with lush, full blooms. I also love southern culture. When I walk around my hometown, I see houses lined in hydrangeas. That is why I chose white hydrangeas for my bridesmaids. Simple, yet beautiful and full.

[via bloomery weddings]

I REALLY wanted Peonies for my bouquet and I considered cabbage roses/garden roses as an alternative (they look like cousins). Unfortunately, they are not in season and if we imported them from somewhere else we would run the risk of a delivery of lack luster blooms. Not OK.

After I cried myself to sleep for several nights about the peonies, I chose a bouquet similar to the bridesmaids with a little more green and flower variety.
(No, I didn't really cry myself to sleep. I dried my tears before going to bed. I speak sarcasm.)

For the cake, I wanted something classy and simple. Are you starting to see a trend here? If not, keep reading. I am positive you will catch on. I am always drawn to simple designs with elegant details. I have a wonderful friend from high school whose mom makes unbelievable cakes, and she is going to make the most delicious and beautiful cake ever. Mark my words, and underline them.

Check out her cake designs at The Pastry Bag if you are ever in Louisiana and find yourself in great need for a gorgeous cake.

My Bridesmaids will be wearing long black Jim Hjelm dresses. When I was trying on bridal gowns, some of my lovely bridesmaids asked me what I thought about a one shoulder dress. I love symmetry, so I kind of brushed it off. [Side Note: This is when my ADD comes in handy. They don't take offense to me brushing things off because they know I get easily distracted. There are lots of shiny things in bridal stores. Trust me.] When they brought this dress to me I knew those were the dresses they'd be wearing. We all loved them. The bow can be adjusted to wear on the shoulder or near the bust of the dress. It is universally flattering and it passed the dancing tests.

I would like to formally introduce you to my new beautiful bridal shoes. When I got them in the mail, I dropped everything else I was holding and carefully opened the box. If someone would have filmed me opening the box, it would probably look pretty pathetic and hilarious at the same time. I felt like I won the Kate Spade lottery. I carefully peeled back the sticker and each layer of tissue paper like I was trying to hide the evidence. Truthfully, I just loved the wrapping. The dustbag was even cute.
Have I mentioned I love Kate Spade?

Here they are. Prepare to be amazed.

They are the perfect heel height, classy, and would you look at that little bow? Love.

One of my best friends and bridesmaids, Brandi is designing and printing my invitations. When I get one of those I will give you a sneak peek! She is a graphic designer and blows my mind with her creativity.

The Dress:

You know I will not be posting my dress on here until after the wedding! But I will say that I can't stop thinking about it since I ordered it 2 months ago. I've shown all my best friends but Bear, and I want it to remain a surprise until I walk down the aisle. My taste in dresses have dramatically changed over the years. When I was younger I liked the designs that today I would look at and think "DISASTER".

These details are by far the most fun things I have planned so far.
I also LOVE shopping for my bridesmaids.
What was your favorite part about planning your wedding?
Were you a hands on bride, or would you have liked someone else to take care of everything?