Will the real bridesmaid dress please stand up?

"The dress looks so much cuter in person" I would say to my bridesmaids. "It has a bigger bow than the picture shows, and you actually tie it on your shoulder! See how it can be tied in a bow?" Little did I know, I was showing my bridesmaids the wrong dress.
Most of my bridesmaids called in their measurements to save a trip to New Orleans, so no one knew any different.
Here's how it went down.
The other day my future sister-in-law called to mention that she thought the sales associate was confused about my bridesmaid dress style number. "I told them AV 9947 and they got so confused!" she told me. So while I was running errands today, I decided to call the bridal shop to get some clarification.
I had the style number memorized, so I spewed it off to the owner who just so happened to pick up the phone.
"We don't carry that line here", the store owner said.
"?!?!?" I thought.
I saw the dress in person and it looked like the pictures I'd been sending everyone. Clearly, I was confused. He then told me the style number he had and I looked it up.
Whoa. I was wrong about the style number the whole time! Though they have similarities, they were TWO different dresses. There was a reason I kept thinking it looked so much cuter in person. It wasn't even the same dress!

A couple girls wanted to buy the gown from a different retailer. I was fine with that as long as the dress came in on time and it was the same dress. I am SO glad no one ended up doing that.

Ooops. Bridal fail!!

** The dress pictured in this post is the CORRECT dress. Whew!

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  1. well they're both beautiful, I hope it all works out :)