30 Day Challenge

I love reading blogs. There are so many great stories, recipes, and words of wisdom that people share. I am going to try a 30 day challenge to get myself blogging again. I've seen others do this and I find it fun to read.

Day 1 of the challenge:
Post a recent picture of yourself and 15 interesting facts about yourself.

Bear and I at the Oxford Christmas parade. It was FREEZING out, but we got a great view with friends on the balcony at a downtown restaurant.

15 Interesting facts:

1) I loved working Trauma. The most rewarding feeling is helping someone go from a traumatic event back to life, and then back to normalcy. Sometimes it doesn't always happen that way, but coming together as a trauma team and working like mad to save a person is one of the best feelings ever.

2) I was born in Saudi Arabia. My dad travels a lot with his company and we happened to be in Saudi at that point. (Yes, I am an American citizen)

3) I was one of 150 out of 8,000 to be picked for American Idol tryouts in the 2nd season. I tried out in Houston and sang Alicia Keys "Lovin' you". It was one of my best tryouts. The next day, I got super nervous when I tried out for producers and I wasn't picked. I never tried out again.

4) I LOVE LSU. If you know me, everything can be related to LSU football. If you're wearing purple, I will try to get you to wear gold accessories. I secretly hope that one day Bear will snag a position there.

5) I love making new friends, but miss Louisiana. No matter where I live (D.C., FL, and MS as of the past 3-4 years) I always go back to Louisiana and think, THIS is home. Because well, it is.

6) I have broken 2 bones so far in life. I broke my wrist in my teens doing some fancy rollerblading work, and I also broke my coccyx. Basically, I broke my butt bone. Worst pain ever. Pain meds make me feel nauseated/sick, so I laid in bed for 6 weeks until I could sit up. I then had to bring my ultra cool doughnut pillow (whom I affectionately named Justin-Bobby) everywhere for months.

7) I can play 4 instruments. (nerd)

8) I taught a weight management class and still LOVE nutrition. I have tons of recipes that use alternate ingredients to make it healthier. I have a passion to help people learn more about how what you eat affects your mind and body.

9) I helped write a legacy document regarding healthier lifestyles for President Bush during an internship I did at the Department of Health and Human Services in D.C.

10) I love buying presents for people. This dates way back to the time I took my mom and dad's gold necklaces to school. I kept one and gave the other to a friend. You know, as a best friend necklace. Needless to say mom had to come up to school to get that back. I also called QVC when I was 10 years old with a pile of change in front of me. I asked them if they had any jewelry available. It was my mom's birthday and I told her that I would CAREFULLY count the change to make sure I had enough. She told me to call back when I was 18. Rude.

11) I am a morning person. I love 5-6 AM, and I work the best from 5-8 AM. I am usually in bed by 9pm. When I was younger (until about 18) I was the total opposite.

12) My cars name is Bonqueisha. My friends named my last car Bonqueisha, and I guess the name carried over.

13) I am the worst person EVER with directions. I rank dead-last in people who can find their way to places. I have to go there at least 23 times before I can remember it without nervously clutching directions in my hands. If my gut tells me to take a right, I know that I should go left.

14) My wedding is 37 days away.

15) I want to start my own charity/grassroots organization one day. I haven't decided what it will be yet, but I have always wanted to do it.

I'll be back tomorrow with day 2. May this rev my blogging engine!