Today I got to sleep in a little, and it was nothing short of amazing.

I have 2 peps in my step. One from the coffee, and one from REM sleepage.

I am ordering this book today.

I have been obsessed w/ Hungry Girl for quite some time. Some would say we are food twins. Seriously. She has multiple uses for my ultimate favorite cereal, Fiber One (F1), loves Fuji Apples, Boca Burgers, and spray on salad dressings, and comes up with healthy alternatives for everything. Now if only I would have thought of the website.

Also, I must include another great quote from Ralph. He can do no wrong, that man.

"Every day offers you plenty of reasons to make excuses. But excuses bring you nothing of real value.

Sure, a plausible excuse may enable you to save face, to appear more diligent and disciplined than you know you are. But do you merely want to appear successful, or would you prefer to actually be successful?

Excuses hold you back because they enable you to avoid responsibility and the achievement it brings.
You deserve more than just a life filled with useless excuses.

Instead of making excuses, choose to make some honest, authentic progress. Even a tiny effort is infinitely more productive than a big, impressive excuse.

Don't settle for a growing list of reasons for failure. You can just as easily give yourself real, compelling reasons to succeed.

Free yourself from the shackles of useless excuses. And see this day as the grand opportunity that it is."

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