Chances of thunderstorms: 100%

Today is just one of those days. I have a list about 10 pages long of things to do, and I could fill up an extra page of things that went wrong today.
These are the days that make me a stronger person. I understand that there is a purpose for days like today, and that helps me through it.

"What you are tempted to worry about is nothing compared to what you have and what you can do. The limitless abundance of being is here and now, today." - Marston

Back to my to do list...


  1. I'm sorry you had a bad day! If it makes you feel any better I missed you on Twitter :)Hope you have a better day tomorrow!

  2. Thanks, girl. That is so sweet! :)
    It does make me feel better. Today will be a better day!!

  3. Just stopping by to say Hi

  4. I just came across your blog...I thought it was funny because I'm from Mississippi, about 45 minutes from Oxford. I love Oxford, one of my favorite places to visit. Hubby and I had season tickets this year for the games but my little bundle of joy came 3 months early and put those trips on hold. But I moved to Boca to go to nursing school too. I graduated about 7 years ago and I'm still here! But I would LOVE to move back to Mississippi. Good luck in nursing school.