Ole Miss

This past weekend I went to Mississippi to see my Fiance. The weekend went by so, so quickly. (Doesn't that always happen?)
From the moment I stepped into our house, I felt a huge weight lift off of my shoulders. This is home. I also got to see my little sister and some great friends of mine. SO MUCH FUN!

I love the people there, and I can not tell you enough how much I love southerners. I explained to my roomie today that surrounding yourself with southerners is like getting a continuous huge hug. I really can't wait to go back! My next trip is for the LSU game. SO pumped to see my tigers play live! I have to see them play in person at least once a year.

I still have a few months left here, though and I need to concentrate on doing well in school. No time to be bummed. This semester is already halfway over, and it flew by. Being a nursing student keeps you super busy. I hear the last semester is the craziest with so much to do and great experiences in the ER/ICU so I look forward to it.

My super-cool friend B happens to be an amazing graphic designer/artist, and is going to help me give my blog a facelift soon.

Keep checking back for my blog makeover!


  1. Did you get a new url or something? I swore I was following your blog. My life has been kinda crazy lately; so, maybe I'm just going crazy. Ha=)

  2. Haha no, I changed my layout a little bit but not the URL. I thought I was following you too the other day and I wasn't. Weird?? Glad we got that squared away! haha

  3. So glad you love Oxford!! I think its one of the best places ever :) Just found your blog and I really enjoy reading it!

  4. I am also in nursing school and live in Oxford. LOVE it. Have you graduated already? I work at Baptist as the Nurse Intern I. Good Luck!