The Shoe...

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I've always loved the idea of having fabulous shoes on my wedding day.
By fabulous I mean Christian Louboutin or Kate Spade. Two totally different looks, I know.
Now that my wedding budget is clarified, I am not sure I will be sporting CL's, but I may have time to save for some, so they aren't completely out of the picture.

[Via Bergdorf Goodman]
Just LOOK at these. Gorgeous & Geauxld - (Cajun for Gold)

I also love when a bride sports a different color shoe.

I love deep reds/crimson in particular.

[via Bergdorf Goodman]

So here's my question to you:

I haven't purchased a gown yet, but which does a bride get first?
The shoe or the gown?


  1. By the look of it, you so should get the shoe first!!!! AHHHH! I'm drooling

  2. You can always match the gown to the shoe!!! ;) ;) hahah

  3. lol, I would say get the gown first! but I am not a shoe person so I guess you can ignore my advice. Also,I had my wedding by the beach in Malibu so I could not dare to have expensive shoes to sink in the sand...it also depends where and how long you'll be dancing in those shoes. :P

  4. I'm considering the CL glitter pumps for my graduation shoe... i loooveeeeeeeeeeeee them!

  5. The closed toe CLs would be perfect for a wedding! That's exactly what I thought the first time I spotted them.

  6. Gown First Shoes Second...Definitely!!!!
    I love all of the shoes you posted...They are fabulous....

  7. EEK! I want CL's for my wedding too! I am thinking find the dress... and then the shoe? But I have more fun looking for the shoe... so maybe shoe then dress? IDK! :) Either way I bet you will look stunning! Love the blog.