More race pictures...

I said I would post more pictures from the race- here they are! (Totally out of order, but they're a pain in the glute to re-arrange.)
I may actually have to sell my kidney (I need my arm/leg) to purchase an official race picture, but it would be totally worth it, right?


  1. Love the pics...you look sooo cute! Where is your shirt from? Was it a tech shirt or just a Mickey shirt you got in Disney? Love it!
    Great job on the race, and I hope to do this same race someday!

  2. Hey Stephanie, Thank you so much! I was actually browsing Forever 21 a couple weeks before the race and found that tank for $15. I normally see that stuff and say "Who buys that?" but I knew for the race I had to get it.
    It was a great experience- very well planned out. Come prepared with LOTS of warm layers!! :)

  3. Just stumbled upon your blog and realized you're a Phi Mu too! So I thought I'd say hi!