Insert witty title for "SUMMER" here...

Hello there summer! How wonderful it is to have a break from the madness that is nursing school. Conversely, how boring it is to be away from the madness that is nursing school. Agh.
I am a born and raised multi-tasker. A busy body if you will. I like to have long to-do lists and goals and productive happenings in my life.

I moved to Oxford over the summer to be with my Fi (fiance for those of you who aren't wedding slang savvy), and we are in the middle of purchasing our very first home! I'm so excited about this! I won't get to enjoy it fully until I can move here for good next year. (When I am an RN)

Oxford has a nice, small-town charm. Word has it that it's population nearly doubles when school is in, since it is a pretty huge college town.

Finding a job here is nearly impossible. Please take this time out and say a little prayer for Belle. I need a summer income.

Hope everyone is having an amazing summer!

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