My wild and crazy spring break!

Ok, so the title may have beed a tad misleading. I've been laying low this spring break. And by laying low I mean reading my med-surg books, going to baseball games, and spending time with friends and family. I've also been working on some wedding projects for my b-maids. I can not divulge any information yet- but check back next week when the ladies receive their little 'surprise'. After that, I will post pictures of my DIY fabulosity.

I have come down with J Crew fever. I am not sure why Mr. Crew would want to tease me, but he does. He even went as far as naming a purse after ME. Meet the new 'Belle Satchel'.

Downright dirty.
I just want so horribly to be able to own whatever I want from that store. Does anyone else feel this way??

Hello little white dress!
Ahhhh... one day I will be casually chic too.
I hope you're aware.

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