Hello out there!

Remember me? Apparently I fell off of the blogger-mobile. (That is my story.)
Recently I have been so busy that I haven't left any time for myself. NOT cool. I left my poor little pink blog stranded.

I decided to grab the keys and hop back on to the blogger-mobile for a few reasons.
1) I truly believe that blogging is sort-of like therapy. We throw all of our (censored) feelings and thoughts into this white box and hit publish. Just typing things out sometimes allows everything to make sense.
2) I love that you can go back in time and see everything in your own words and pictures.
3) I love reading all of my friends blogs SO much!
4) Big changes are coming my way, and I want to be able to share everything as I go.
5) No I am not pregnant and don't intend to be for at least another 4-5 years.
6) I always think: I should blog about that! Then I think, well I don't reaaaally blog so that would be totally random.

Anyway, in attempt to document my life for the aforementioned reasons I am going to update more. Period.




  1. Welcome back, girl!!! Can't wait to read your future posts :)

  2. well, hey there, doll! :) good to see you again!!!