Wallpaper, SEC Championship game (SECCG)

Yesterday I dedicated my professional wallpaper removing services to our upstairs bathroom. I meticulously peeled through two layers of paper. At this time I would like to give a shout-out to my girl Carrie Underwood for providing me with a sweeeet wallpaper remover soundtrack. I figured out some great tricks, and none of them include the vinegar and water solution that my mom gave me to spray on the wall. It was supposed to magically dissolve the paper, but the only thing it did was provide a lovely pickle and easter scent. Grossssssss.

In the 6 hours it took, I also accumulated a killer seat at the LSU vs. Tennessee Southeastern Conference Championship game. AKA: LSU SECCG. (By killer I mean my tickets were cheap thanks to DC LSU Alumni president Adrienne!) (Calm down!)

I am pretty pumped up. Also in attendance will be Reagan (A BFF of mine!), a super great friend Christiana, and tons of other cool people!!
Reagan's Dad got a hotel room, and we are taking another friends car.

ATL isn't ready for us!!!


We are going to make some posters so I will be an even bigger celebrity.
Any ideas on what the poster should say?

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