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Gooood morning!
So I decided that at 5:38 am I could sleep no longer! I went to bed at around 11, and I just could not sleep. So I woke up, got ready and left at 6:30. It was still really dark when I left the apartment, but the Metro station was bustling with business men/women and students alike.

I have a few things I want to get done, and if I come early, I leave early.
My professor/internship supervisor is coming to do a site visit and I want to work as hard as I can to make sure I get everything done. I am so excited, because she is one of my favorite professors, and an inspiring woman. She's an RN, CHES certified, FASHA, and has her Ph.D.!!! Besides that, she's fun to just hang out with.

I got to go Kayaking this weekend, and I loved it! It was on the Patomac river in Georgetown, at the Washington Canoe Club.
There's something about Georgetown that makes me want to hug it. The Potomac river is gorgeous, the shops are quaint and not affected by reconstruction, and the lush landscaping is well kept and comforting. There are several restaurants on the waterfront, and at night they light up with area locals and tiny white lights nestled in the trees. Ahhhhh.

Tay Tay comes in two weeks from Thursday! I'm so excited, I've planned our whole trip already!!! Of course, it's flexible planning, but I'm saving up all of my excess energy for a weekend of amazing fun!

I've been really relieved lately, not carrying around the weight of other people's burdens.
I used to get upset when people weren't happy, somehow thinking that I could have made that situation better. I somehow felt responsible.
Now, I just move away from that person, and let them be. There's no reason to ruin my day because someone elses is ruined.

I am a little stressed about having no money left. My metro card is running low, and I still have a month and a week to go.

I've also been working diligently on getting into FAU's really competitive nursing program. I CLEP'd out of the Human growth & development course, applied and have been accepted into FAU, (having transcripts sent from SLU can be a major beast!) and have had some great letters of recommendations sent. All I have left is a placement exam, the HESI.
Dear God,
Please have your will in my life, and whether or not I get into Nursing school, please help me to be at peace with the outcome.


By the way... It's probably pretty sacreligious to follow a prayer with subject matter that involves doom, but...Halloween weekend is THIS weekend, and I have nothing planned. Last year I had my costume a month in advance. Whaaaat am I going to be!!????

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  1. i love your views of life! you are so optimistic and sincere. and your photos are beautiful.